Who We Are


About Us

We are a freight logistics company that provides fast, secure, and affordable shipment and forwarding services. With a client-centric approach, we want our clients to relax knowing that their goods are delivered smoothly under our name.

Our dedicated and skilled team, with decades of experience in the logistics industry, collaborates hand-in-hand with agents from all around the globe. We have mastered every step of the process and encountered just about every issue with demonstrated knowledge on how to handle it best. We are experts.

Zonix Global Logistics Corporation is committed to serving our clients with their transporting needs and being the premier Philippine-based national freight logistics company.



No cargo shipment is the same. We go above and beyond to ship your cargo on an individually curated basis.

Goods Tracking

Easily track your goods in real-time with our goods tracker on our website.

Constant Customer Support

Support chat lines are available 24/7 to help you get help or get started.

Land, Sea, and Air

With us, the world is not at all far away. Our operations span across the Americas, Europe, Oceania, and Asia.

Key Performance Indicators

On-time in full (OTIF)

Zonix uses this to measure the percentage of orders delivered within the stipulated time (without any problems or documentation issues).  It is an ideal KPI which show how punctual and safe the services of ZONIX.

Lead time

Lead time is a Zonix KPI that tracks how long our client’s  different stages of freight forwarding process. It is good to know the exact amount of time spent in each stage of the supply chain and optimize this time.

Order accuracy

This KPI shows the number of various incidents from the placement of the order to the delivery of a shipment. Using it, ZONIX can identify patterns and correct errors to make the transportation process faster and safer.

Warehousing costs

This KPI is used by the freight forwarders that offer warehousing services.
It monitors the expenses involved in the management of your warehouse facilities.

Truck turning

This Zonix KPI shows the average time spent between the exit for collect/delivery and the return of the vehicle to your warehouse.

Container capacity utilization

This ZONIX indicator shows how you use the load capacity of a vehicle during road transport or a container during sea freight. If our CLIENTs are always making FULL Load deliveries, this indicator will add up to our client’s profitability.


This KPI displays how ZONIX employees’ production rate. The more efficient we are on our collaboration with our stakeholders, the higher the productivity for both our company and our clients.

Transportation costs

The KPI determines all charges related to each logistics operation developed by ZONIX. The target is to achieve the lowest possible cost as possible so we can share the savings with our clients.

A number of shipments

This KPI Evaluates the average of cargoes handled by ZONIX stipulated time (weekly/monthly/yearly).

This list of freight forwarding KPIs can be continued with other values.

ZONIX can guarantee the highest performance regarding all the above-mentioned KPIs.Our comprehensive experience and worldwide net of trustful partners are making us the best deal when it comes to shipping to and from all areas in the Philippines.